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Freeshipping BRT-01 Electric Skateboard VESC 6.0 Controller 500W Brushless DC Motor 50km/h with Remote Control

Freeshipping BRT-01 Electric Skateboard VESC 6.0 Controller 500W Brushless DC Motor 50km/h with Remote Control Item NO.: 2825359

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  • VESC6.0 Controller ,best for DIY
  • Panasonic 43.2v 9.6AH 12s2P 21700 battery
  • Fast Charging
  • FOCBOX UNITY Motor Controller
Product Name Freeshipping BRT-01 Electric Skateboard VESC 6.0 Controller 500W Brushless DC Motor 50km/h with Remote Control
Item NO. 2825359
Weight 16 kg = 35.2740 lb = 564.3834 oz
Category RC Toys > Electric Skateboard
Creation Time 2019-08-24



 Four Speed Models              12.5mph/20kmh  18.7mph/30kmh   25mph/40kmh   31mph/50kmh

       Range                                      18.7mp/30km

      Compaible battery                        Panasonic 43.2v 9.6AH 12s2P battery

       Uphill                                        Up to 30% grade

     Charging time                          3-4h


    Board Weight                            35.8lbs/16.3kg

     Rider Weight Limit                264lbs/120kg


     Size                                       39.3″ Length I 11.42″ Width I 34.25″ Wheelbase

     ESC                                                            VESC V6.0

     Wheels                                 105mm X 56mm Rubber

    Deck material                      Maple+Stainless steel

    Brake ability                       Regenerative Brakes

     Hub Motors                                        2 X 500 Watts


     Warranty                                             3 months

Package Content:
.2 x Anti-collision Strip
.1 x electric skateboard
.1 x 50.4V 3A Charger
.1 x Remote Control



Sweet ride! Actually we gave this to a needy young lady who is going to be completely surprised weekend morning! The colors are fantastic, along with the trucks and wheels. The package came earlier than expected, and was wrapped very securely!



We are having so much fun on these boards. I got 1 for my Wife and Myself and we are riding them everywhere. I knew these were going to fun, but actually riding them has blown away my expectations of just how fun they are. We are always looking for reasons to ride them and the battery life is amazing. We rode these 6.5 miles down a canal road and still had 70% battery and got to ride them even longer when we got home. If you are considering getting one of these, do it. You won't be disappointed.



I’ve had this for about 2 weeks now and have put this thing through hell and it’s still going strong!
I’m a bigger guy at 190 and was cautious being closer to the weight limit and the wear it’d put on the battery. The board has not disappointed!! Little bit of a learning curve having never road boards before but within a single charge I’m cruising at full speed.



Amazing electric skateboard ! Very quiet, fast, climb hills as long as they not too steep !
Looks great, battery wise it’s decent, built in battery would definitely get you like 18-19 miles range but if you going down hill and breaking it recharge the battery so you have more juice to ride around !



I bought this board to commute around a college campus and it has been perfect. It is actually surprisingly fast and thefore speed modes are really helpful when learning or to get up hills. I have gotten this thing up to 30mph and put who knows how many miles on It. The battery lasts for a surprisingly long time. I have not measured actual distance but I have not run out of charge once when riding and simply just charging it to full when I can. It is so skinny and most people are shocked when I tell them its electric. I think I have inspired just about all of my friends to pick one up especially after they try it for the first time.



Ridiculously happy with this purchase. I have never felt the need to leave a review for any of the hundreds of things I’ve bought online over the years...until now. This was a brithday present for my 16 yr old who loves to skateboard and is a bit daredevil-ish. He is in LOVE with this board! Santa Rocks! Ready to go right out of the box. Holds a charge forever, we had to intentionally make the effort to wear the battery down as it wasn’t depleting enough with regular use. Flexing the battery is good for it's life. 4 settings for speed and a remote dial that lets you go faster or slower within those speed settings. Either way you go it is FAST! Really, really fast! Very stable and was easy for my youngest to master quickly. I haven’t purchased or even used another brand but I do know we are really happy with this one and will be getting another soon...the boys and I fight over this one!



I bought this board about a month ago as an upgrade to my previous board I'd had for about a year. Its an incredible product, super fast and handle great. Unfortunately, I had crash on it about a month into owning it. I hit a small pothole and went flying. I had some pretty good gashes, but even worse the board snapped. I was super bummed about it and wrote Gbm team about it to see if there was anything they could do for me, since the board was only a month old.

So after a few emails back/forth, gbm decided to replace the board free of charge. I honestly couldn't believe it as customer service like theirs is so rare. Through the process, they were communicative and very courteous. I cannot say enough good things about them. If you need a reseller to do business with, these are the ones!

Thank you again gelballmod. You made my day.



My son loves this skateboard :) It looks very durable, rolls nice etc....I know nothing about skateboards.



Amazing board and super fast. It’s great it has the low speed setting if you want to cruise and the high speed when you really want to move. Only rode it twice and one with my husky running by my side, but there is nothing bad at all. I put some led lights on the bottom to glow when riding at night too



I bought this to commute to work so I don't have to pay for parking. It has paid for itself already. There are a few small things that could be better, but overall it's a really solid product and I would recommend it to others.

- powerful motors, climbs hills surprisingly well
- wheels are big enough to go over most uneven sidewalk sections, gravel, or other items in the way
- batteries inside the deck are a really nice feature!
- brakes make it possible to go down steep hills safely
- regenerative braking
- small size, fits in trunk even with convertible top down

- would prefer a bigger screen
- wish it was waterproof (I haven't had any problems, but I stay away from water)
- brakes are a little tricky to use