Gel Blaster Repair Manual

   Hey gel blaster fans! Today I will list some mainly problems we always have with our blasters in daily as well as the solution. Hope this will help you later.

Chapter One: Gen8 gearbox,BF Straight gearbox,standard V2 gearbox,V3 gearbox.

1:Short range

Reason one:tappet is broken

Solution:Swap a new one

Reason two:Fixed column for return spring is broken

Solution:Swap a new gearbox shell

Reason three:Tappet is not installed well

Solution:Polish the tappet or add some grease in the tappet groove.

Reason four:return spring get aged or broken

Solution: Swap a new spring

Reason Five:Diameter for gels is smaller than the inner barrel

Solution:Swap suitable gels

Reason Six:Cylinder is incompatible with the O ring in piston head

Solution:Swap a suitable cylinder or O ring 

Notice:normal in acrylic cylinder

Reason Seven:Bad seal

Solution:Guled the T piece&barrel,cylinder&cylinder head better.Swap upgraded cylinder head,piston head with good seal.

2:Gels easy go broken 

Reason one:High FPS

Solution:lower voltage,lower the motor speed,install gear delay piece

Reason two:Gels are bigger than inner barrel diameter

Solution:Using milky harden gels ,control the growth time of gels

Reason three:per-load for long time

Solution:Decrease perload time

Reason four:Both ends of inner barrel are rough

Solution:Using tool to polish and make the ends smooth.

3:gels trajectory unstable

Reason one: Big air volume cylinder

Solution:Swap one small volume cylinder,like 100% to 75%

Reason two:small spring with long inner barrel or big spring with short barrel.

Solution:get suitable spring to fit the inner barrel

Reason three:No hopup or invalid hopup

Solution:get a hopup or adjust your hopup.

Reason four: the head of nozzle lost or break

Solution:get a new nozzle head

Reason four:End of inner barrel is too rough

Solution:using tool to polish and make it smooth

4:Gears work wrong

Reason one:Spring is too big

Solution:get smaller spring or lower the motor speed.

Reason two:didnt lubricate the gearbox well

Solution:Add more grease into the gears 

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