Review for GJ M24&kar98k Gel Blaster Metal Kit

 Metal Internal Upgraded Kit for GJ M24 Gel Ball Toy Blaster

    Gangjiang M24 gel ball toy blaster is really hot and more and more people are chasing crazy! It's a really awesome blaster   and with a sweet price,good choose for your first gel blaster.But biggest problem of GJ m24 or 98k or other type gel  sniper rifle blaster is that the bolt and cylinder easy to break! So then it's necessary to get solid internal kit ! Now here you are :

 We can see clearly ,expect the bolt made with sintered nylon,both of others are metal material .Cylinder+nozzle are intergrated welded printed to insure the kit will proform best and solid.

Stintered nylon bolt make it feels really great and solid enounh.Never need worry it will break again!

 Open piston and 8 holes piston heard .To make sure gel pieces couldn't get into the cylinder and down low the fps.

 As we all know,hand-pulled toy blaster always have a high rate of breakage.But this M24 alloy kit is made with CNC metal job,you even can see the veins on the cylinder surface. So it will never break again with a suitable spring ,recommend the 1.2 or 1.3spring will be better ,cause bigger one will not break the cylinder but the receiver.

 The connector of the spring guide and cylinder in original blaster is most frangible. In this upgraded kit ,designer installed two screws in the spring guide to guarant firmer

 And here is a video for a 5mins test to show us how this kit work good or not:

 And exciting news is that this kit is avaiable on our website now ,only need 135aud shipped now: 
We also have the spring and hopup in stock now .Serach m24 then you will find out:

 That's all for today report ,see you next time.
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